Improving client and family communication in aged care

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Are you struggling with none or minimal communication between families, residents and your Aged Care Centre 

Most issues in Aged Care come about because of poor communication . That is poor communication about the resident to and between the family.

Most communication solutions in the marketplace call for more documentation and more paperwork adding a greater burden to the staff and in reality less likelihood of it happening.

The problem is at a time when contact is vital families and residents feel like they are cut off from their loved ones. This leads to feelings of guilt and a tendency to continually call a service to make sure everyday things are completed.

“When our Mum and Nan was in aged care we could see a glaring gap in communication between providers and families  so we created this app . A simple 21st century solution designed to reduce communication errors and improve peace of mind for both residents and their families”

When you choose BarbCareTm you'll be getting  the very latest, actually the only, person centred communication tool for Aged Care:

Real Time Transparency

Quickly and easily share updates between residents, families and their care team.

Reduces costs

Instant communication means families no longer need to keep calling to see how things are going.

A person centred approach

Meeting the needs of accreditation electronically with the ability for all parties to see what is happening.

What sets BarbCareTm apart?

  • Instant transparent communication  between residents, families and service providers.
  • The only app of it's kind with a resident and family first focus.
  • The first communication tool built for Aged Care with transparency  and a person centred approach​

"I would love to be able to talk to my pop in Queensland.."

"it's such a long way from where I am and his hearing is really bad despite his hearing aids. I would just love to be able to see him and for staff to actually show me how he is."

- John Smith (Jimmy's grandson)

Keeping our nan as a  Part of the Family is really important to us. 

"When she was at home we would talk to her through the day. Now it feels like she has been taken away. Having something which would keep us in frequent contact would  really help us be connected.

What BarbCareTm Does for You:

Quickly and easily see and add data to Resident files 

"All the pertinent medical information in one place"

Each screen is designed to easily display the information on one or more residents.

High end user experience makes keeping things up to date a breeze.

Easy to interact with, information at your fingertips no matter what part you play

We know how many people are involved just to deliver care to people that's why we designed BarbCareTm to be useful to everyone in the process.

  • Managers can view all or just one of the residents in care 
  • They can see in an instant which tasks are due for which resident and when they have been completed.

Keeps families, and their loved ones connected to each other

BarbCareTm allows real time transfer of pictures between families and their loved ones so they never miss a moment.

Residents can also share moments in their lives with whoever they want keeping communication open and families connected.

Watch and see how easy it is to use BarbCareTm 

Have a look at how the many features of BarbCare can be used by families, residents, carers and organisations.

People are at the heart of what motivates us at BarbCare and we are committed to improving care through connection of the system and those that use it.

What You'll Get...

The first Person Centred Aged Care App  designed specifically to meet the needs of those organisations caring for people:

"Can be used across devices and in all kinds of settings"

Talk to us now about revolutionising care and communication for your residents and your organisation.

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Using BarbCareTm: It's so easy for everyone.

It's easy to start using BarbCareTm. Our specialists will work with you to help you integrate it with your current operating systems. 

For as little as $2.50 per week families will get more conversation and connection than ever before. With real-time notifications, it makes keeping in touch even easier. By using BarbCare you can easily and efficiently meet the high expectations of communication that residents and their families expect. 

BarbCareTm delivers a valuable return on investment by:

enhancing the wellbeing of your residents: because they stay connected with their family and community

  • delivering better communication to families: happy families boosts your reputation for quality 
  • improving staff productivity: it’s easy and quick for staff to liaise with families eliminating time wastage: reducing unnecessary double up of communications between staff and repeated questions from families
  • reducing red tape and paperwork: keeping on top of important compliance documentation
  • allowing you to deliver a great service: benefitting residents, families and staff 

By communicating better with families, you stand out from your aged care competitors. By getting on board now, you can enjoy the competitive advantage of being an early adopter. Plus, you’re proving to your stakeholders your commitment to upholding and exceeding the people element of the eight Aged Care Standards.

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